Infrastructure Vulnerability Analysis and Penetration Testing

Infrastructure Vulnerability Analysis
Our experts will perform a comprehensive review of your infrastructure to identify any potential security vulnerabilities
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Penetration Testing
Our team will use simulated attacks to test the strength of your infrastructure, providing you with a thorough report of any vulnerabilities and recommendations for improvement
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Bug bounty consulting
Our team will help you organize the entire bug bounty process from platform selection to recommendations for fixing vulnerabilities found
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Ongoing Security Monitoring
Our team will provide ongoing monitoring of your infrastructure to ensure that any new vulnerabilities are detected and addressed in a timely manner
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Why Infrastructure Vulnerability Analysis and Penetration Testing so important?
The larger the infrastructure, the more likely there are vulnerabilities
With the growing popularity of decentralized and blockchain-based solutions, the size of the infrastructure supporting these solutions is also growing. The larger the infrastructure, the more likely there are vulnerabilities.
A forgotten git, a misconfigured dev server, a vulnerable software version, API tokens in a JS file, a weak password, personal data leaks, and so on. This is not a complete list of vulnerabilities that lead to losing customer money and compromising a product created with so much love and work. In most cases, this is due to vulnerabilities not found in time, discovered by black hats.
Our team of experts will use the latest tools and techniques to assess the security of your infrastructure, identifying vulnerabilities that could potentially lead to data leaks , loss of funds, or other security incidents.
Whether you are developing a decentralized application, a blockchain-based platform, or another solution, our team will work with you to create a customized solution that meets your specific needs.
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